Coaching Packages

There are two types of coaching packages offered through RunCanvas coaching.

  • Customized Training Plans-This plan is perfect if you’re looking for some training guidance leading up to an important event, but not quite interested in the cost or commitment that may go along with a private coaching plan. The  plan will be developed by a certified coach to meet your current fitness level and help guide you to where you want to be.
    • How it works-An initial consultation by means of email, phone and/or text will help to gather general information about the athlete, prior or current fitness and training, and where they want to go with training. An individual plan specifically designed to train for your goal race and current fitness will be available to you within the VDOT app and will automatically sync with your smart watch GPS data. Self-motivation and individual commitment are required for this plan, as there is no additional communication available after the plan is uploaded to the athlete’s VDOT O2 calendar. Any questions or concerns will be discussed thoroughly in the initial consultations.


  • Private Online Coaching-Work one-on-one with a certified coach and receive custom workouts uploaded to your online training calendar. All workouts are customized, based on your training history and current fitness. Once you have set up your calendar you will always have access to your workouts and can update paces in the future. The app records and organizes your PRs, recent and future race results.  Training plans include; Initial consultation Fully customized training plans Pre-hab exercises, Uploaded workouts and feedback, Plan adjustments as needed, Performance nutrition guidance Unlimited communication via text, phone calls or email with certified coach.
    • How it works Consultation This initial consultation is important part of the coaching process; getting to know you, the runner. During the initial consultation runners will answer questions about their goals, training history/habits, injuries (past and present), and preferences. This will help your certified coaching build the ideal training plan for you Customized Training Plan built by certified coach, just for you A training plan built just for you. Taking your from where you are now to where you want to be.  New PRs, distance and beyond Support and accountability the whole way More than a pre-written training plan. Your plan will come with feedback, and adjustments. Nudges to get your through the tough spots and grace to accommodate you when “life happens.”

Customized Training plan information

Private Online Coaching Information



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