Running resolutions- Changing your mindset

Hate running? It’s not all your fault.  I feel like we are programmed to dread working out. We grow up playing organized sports and running was often a sort of punishment . Or aside from a few strong athletes in class, many kids look at the pacer or mile run in gym class as a day to dread and linked running with misery and a coach with a whistle yelling at you.


Many adults try to implement healthy habits by setting up New Years resolutions, with great intentions. However,  the execution is all wrong.  The resolutions are often thought of restrictive or grueling. Another thing that has to get done. Going to over crowded gyms and hammering out miserable miles on the rat wheel counting down the time until they are done . No wonder these well-intended resolutions don’t stick.

Even in high school sports, as a track and cross-country coach it is one of the few sports we have to actively recruit for.  Successful coaching at this level goes beyond the scope of planning and executing work out plans. We are actively seeking new talent and convincing them our sport really is worth trying.

The thing is, they always say it was worth it. There is a reason 14-18 year old kids are willing to give up a late Friday night for a long run on Saturday mornings.  There is reason that runners, of all ages, are willing to get up at stupid o’clock in the morning for training runs. Find out what many established runners already know. Running can be enjoyable. Running can be a great way to build in some YOU time . It can be refreshing. It can be social.  More important running can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling.

Jack Daniels has some basic laws of Running.  Two of my favorites are;

  1. A runner’s focus must stay positive

Positivity is a choice.  Do not underestimate the power of mindful thinking and choose to have a great attitude about the workout/run.

  1. Training should be rewarding 

While they may not all be the best run ever, they should all be rewarding.

So what can we do to enjoy running more and make those new years resolution stick?

  • Start small!  There isn’t a minimum starting point.  Building consistency is half the battle.  Even for competitive runners. So start with small run and reasonable amounts that leave you wanting more and not counting the time ’till you are done.
  • Slow down  Novice runners are often guilty of running too hard.  I know many of the runners I work with are shocked by the easy paces I have set for them.  Just because you can run that pace doesn’t mean its the going to yield positive results.  Completing 80% of your mileage at 59-74% of you maximum heart rate will make running much more enjoyable and lower your risks for injury.  You can also use a recent race time and the VDOT calculator to see what your suggested easy pace really is.
  • Get off the rat wheel (treadmill)  There are definitely times the treadmill can be a useful tool but if you are starting out and trying to fall in love with running, I just don’t think you will find that love on a treadmill.
  • Race for fun  There are tons and tons of races out there you are sure to find something that tickles your fancy.  They don’t all have to be super serious either.  Sign up for some as workouts with 2,000 of your closest friends or wear a silly themed costumed.  Racing atmosphere makes running more energetic and the more you engage with this awesome community, the more you will love it in return.
  • Buy and outfit or two that makes you feel great  If you feel awesome before your run you are more likely to look forward to it and enjoy it. So treat yourself.  Get an outfit or gadget that makes you look forward to the run.
  • Change it up  Along the same lines as getting off the rat-wheel.  Try switching up your runs.  Hit up some trails or check out some pretty neighborhoods in your area.  Enjoy the journey!

Hf refresh c3 300x250 Jam out with some tunes! Grab some wireless headphones and listen to your favorite tunes or audiobook and watch the miles breeze by!

  • Set a measurable goal and action steps to achieve it  Whether it is a race time, a new distance or just getting in a routine set a reasonable goal and go for it.  Celebrate the small victories along the way
  • Log your runs and you victories  Going along with mindfulness take a moment after each run to log your run and something positive about that run. You will begin to look for the positives in each run so that you can add it to your training journal.
  • Hire a running coach  You may be thinking your aren’t good enough for running, or you are too new. Starting out is great time to hire a coach.  Someone who will guide your through common new running errors, and give you a nudge when you are feeling less that motivated.
  • Don’t rush it  Don’t rush your progress and don’t worry if that “love” for running doesn’t happen right away.  It may take time.  The love of running comes from the journey not the destination.  When you are able to reflect on the progress that you have made and the memories that you have shared, you will fall in love with our beautiful sport.  Endurance training is deeper then the miles logged and the paces. It becomes a mindset, of strength and positivity.
  • Run with others whether you are running with a buddy or joining a running group.  Adding others makes the miles so much more enjoyable.

My best running is done when I am enjoying the company of friends . Running is a huge component of my social life. It’s uninterrupted quality conversation with amazing people. So stop thinking about running, as hard and grueling. Something you have to get through. Slow down, add in intervals of walking and jogging and focus more on consistency and enjoyment. The other parts will come with time. You’ll begin running for longer duration and the pace will slowly but surely pick up. You’ll have those break through moment and it will all be worth it.

Runners, what is it that you love most about running?  Others, what is holding you back? Comment below!

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Weekly Running Log-12/10-12/16

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Another easier week as I continue to recover from California International, I plan to ramp of the mileage from here pretty quickly. I am feeling awesome now and with Christmas break just a few days away, its a good time to increase mileage safely through some easy doubles and some basic quality training sessions.

Here is my weekly Recap

img_1207Monday- 3 miles @ 7:30 pace + 6 x hill sprints

 Caught the high school girls at the end of their run and then joined them for some hill sprints.  These are similar to strides but really allow you to build on the strength and running form with out really exhausting yourself. It was a stressful day and the start of this run was pretty cruddy feeling. However, when I got to hill sprints I felt much better and stronger.  It seemed like my body was craving that change of speed.

Tuesday- 7 miles @ 6:39 average pace

I joined a fartlek session with my high school girls.  Nothing crazy, a few sets of figure 8s on the turf. The set up of the workout and the change of surface was perfect for a return to speed work.  Kept it more in the moderate range, I was feeling pretty great.  Then tacked on a few bonus miles at the end to get some mileage in.

Wednesday- 4 easy on the treadmill average pace 8:01

I had and early morning meeting before school and another after school, so I planned on a super easy 4 miles just to keep the consistency.

Thursday- Scheduled Rest Day

Friday- 6 easy on the treadmill average 7:44 pace

Hopped on the treadmill for an easy 6 miles. Feeling tired after a bunch of fun labs at school this week.

Saturday-  USRDimg_1352

Dropped the ball. I have planned to get up and run, and that didn’t happen.  It was easy for me to push back to the 50 degree afternoon, until the hubby got called into work.  Instead I took my kiddo out to WinterFest at Worlds of Fun.  This is what happens when I am training without much structure.  It was worth it though, we had a great time! I will never regret the time spent making memories with my little princess.

Sunday-10 miles- 10 miles at 7:52 pace

Solid run that felt super easy.  Joined my runner buddy, colleague on some afternoon miles. It was perfect running weather. Low 50s, sun was shinning and we basically ran through the sunset getting to see some really pretty views along the trail.  We also think we saw a squirrel jump to his death when he saw a dog coming, not even kidding.

Total- 30 miles

Your going to see quite the boost in miles from me this next week.  I am ready to jump back into training.  I am glad I took the last two weeks off and nice and easy. I will adjust my plans if I feel any lingering fatigue but as of now I am feeling super awesome and I am wanting that structure back.

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Weekly Wrap Up- Post Marathon 12/3-12/9

Last week I ran California International Marathon, and I had a blast!   You can read all about it here!I don’t have a whole lot to write about as far as training recap.  1 week post marathon, so the mileage was low and the pace was easy.  I was pretty beat up after this race. Totally makes sense looking at how much my mileage completely crashed the weeks leading up to the race.


Here’s a quick snap shot of my recovery week

Monday- Scheduled rest day

Travel day, no training.  The plane ride back was pretty miserable, I could tell by the moans and groans that I was not alone.  The time change from San Francisco to Kansas City seemed to make things worse. I was super glad to return home to my little princess and puppies.

Tuesday-Scheduled rest day

Back to work, no training.  Focused on getting back into my work routine and took another rest day.  No rush for me.

Wednesday- 3.28 miles  @ 7:44 pace

First run back.  Grabbed some miles with my high school track girls.  I actually felt pretty awesome, until we hit this giant down hill on the way back to school  Other than that, it was an easy 3 miler.

Thursday- 3.01 miles @8:01 pace

I decided a treadmill run was a better option for recovery.  The softer ground and lack of elevation made the run feel pretty normal.

Friday- Scheduled Rest Day

Stayed late working on the classroom and really in no rush to get a small run in.

Saturday- 6 miles at 8:15 pace

Felt pretty easy, some leg tightness crept in at the end on the down hills again.

Sunday- 3.45 miles at 9:03 pace

Combo run/walk.  Honestly I joined a crew at the gym mostly to keep the routine and for social time and less about training.


So I got in a super easy 7 days and I am ready to begin what I consider a reverse taper back into some quality workouts.  I am chomping at the bit to pick some new races and continue to work toward my big goal.

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California International Race Recap #AllaboutWednesday blog link up

I’m back and starting to feel normal again. I had a great time in Sacramento and have lots of wonderful things to say about the race.  I traveled to Sacramento with my husband, mom and dad.  I was more excited about my dad running his first marathon then I was about my own race.  

The expo

The expo was an easy half mile walk from our hotel. When we arrived you picked up your race day packet from one end and your shirt from the other. From a promotional stand point, it was well thought out, spreading out the crowd and getting runners to walk past more vendors that way.  There were lots of big vendors at the expo, not surprising considering the size of the race.  I am kicking myself for not taking advantage of the Goodr sunglasses deals.  They are my obsession right now.    The expo had a lot of clothing lines and deals and the CIM branded merchandise was surprisingly fair priced. I feel like a lot of bigger races really mark up the price for branded items.  We tasted the new nuun flavors and then grabbed a beer sample as we caught the end of a couple of speakers at the expo before heading to lunch.

Around town

With a 26.2 mile run ahead of us we tried to avoid to much additional walking so we kept our activities close to the hotel. Luckily we had a pretty good location near a mall, the basketball arena and most importantly close to the finish line.  My husband bought us a couple of tickets to the Kings vs pacers game.img_1082

Race Day!

I woke up at 4 am calm and ready to go. I had already resolved to running a more easy race and just completing the distance as my training took a huge nose dive the last 6-8 weeks.  This seemed to relax me in a way I haven’t been able to before a race. I had a quiet sense of calm, I was able to stomach food well and I was unstressed.

One of the bus stops were conveniently located right outside our hotel, starting at 5 am.  I got down to the lobby at 4:45 thinking I would catch a ride with my dad but he had already hopped on a bus and it took off as I was walking that way.  The bus lines do fill up fast  In order to limit stress and waiting around outside I would recommend catching the early buses.  A huge bonus for a point to point race, the buses stayed at the starting line and racers are allowed to stay warm on the bus until the race starts.  This is a huge perk verse waiting outside in a field like we did at Boston.  The gear check was also awesome.  Just 10 minutes before the race I was able to walk right up to the bag check and hand them both my bag and my dads, without a wait.  Another perk when you are dressed for cooler weather but need to undress before racing.

The weather was chilly standing around but absolutely perfect temperatures for chasing a PR.  The start line was super crowed.  Basically busting at the seems with runners around the 3 hour mark.  I’m guessing a big surge of male runners chasing the new BQ standards.  I lined up by the 3:05 pacer thinking I would finish around the 3:05-3:-10 time.  I am glad I did as the pace groups took off a bit fast, and we were running about 3 hour pace for the first 3 miles.  I was feeling super awesome and thought I would maintain the 3 hour pace until half way and then allow myself to settle into a comfortable pace based on feel.

Miles 1-8 I found myself running in sync with a team of Impala runners. Even though I was creeping in on their pack running, being with the group helped that first half fly by.  I skipped the first couple of water/Nuun stations and grabbed a small bottle from a kiddo handing them out.  He was super excited as people were grabbing them.  I find the bottles much easier to manage on the run.  As we hit the first fueling station, I got a bit over excited and begin grabbing everything offered.  I grabbed the first gel and realized it was  a yucky flavor so when someone down the line yelled strawberry I grabbed another.  Then I saw them handing out bananas and realized I wanted a banana.  So I grabbed that and I ate it.  It was yummy and I was glad I didn’t eat the gels.  I did hang on to the strawberry gel in case I felt I needed it later on in the race.

Mile 8-12 I found myself catching the 3 hour pacer.  It was a downhill portion of the race and I guess hanging on to the group of runners I picked it up at some point.  At mile 12 however, I had to make the worlds fastest potty stop as nature was calling and I didn’t want to become an internet meme for the wrong reasons.  I tried to keep my watch running and was seriously impressed with my bathroom skills.

Miles 13-19 I went through the half marathon point a few seconds above 1:30 which was the plan going into the race. I was feeling good and decided I would hang on to the pace through mile 20 instead of slowing down.  I really don’t remember as much of this section of the race, except maybe the local “herbal” smell and a small dog that joined in for like a quarter mile.  I sort of went into autopilot, I guess. I had some orange slices and another half a banana along the way.

Mile 20-23- Naively, I went through mile 20 feeling pretty freaking awesome, like I was out for a regular easy run.  The course has a giant inflatable at mile 20 reading “the wall” and I laughed at it. I decided I was ready to chase a sub 3 hour marathon and began doing mental math through the next three miles.  Slowly, each mile began to have little aches creeping in, my calves first but it was very manageable and my cardio still felt great.  A little leg tiredness passed mile 20 should be expected.

Mile 23-26 OH CRAP! I found that freaking wall! It was not at mile 20, it was mile 23 and it was very, very evident. I had to make another emergency bathroom stop, it took mere seconds. However, when I took off again my legs didn’t go. They rebelled against me and it was as if I had forgotten how to run.  Stopping may have been the worst thing ever.  It was so weird to feel absolutely remarkable from the waist up but be unable to really move my legs.  They felt like heavy bags of sand and the muscles continued to tighten up, greatly limiting my stride.  It was very evident that my lack of training through the end of my cycle was catching up to me.  I tried being mean with myself, to go all Dori  the fish and “just keep swimming” and super cheerleader.  It didn’t feel like a motivation issue, I wanted to push through any pain but I couldn’t get the motor function together enough to pick up the pace.

Finish-  The streets were lined with people cheering and they sort of crowded the racers the last .2 miles.  I didn’t really have any ability to pick up the pace as I was struggling to just get my legs moving. I saw someone crawling to the finish line and admired the ability to push herself through the adversity.  I finished the race happily with a time of 3:08:22.  I finished satisfied and my husband and mom were waiting right on the other side of the line for me.


The finish line area was a bit crowded when you immediately exited the area that separated the runners from spectators.  Overall, though it was spread out with lots of snack and drink options for both the runners and spectators.  The gear check looks like a mess but took only a minute or so as kids were running through a field picking up the bags that were lined up in order according to bib numbers.  Having a super close hotel allowed me to rinse off and get out of my gross wet racing clothes and into something warm before heading to cheer my dad onto the finish.  I was super excited to see him come through, looking mighty strong too. He finished with a 4:27!

Sometimes your victories can not be found on the race clock.  They are found along the journey.  I struggled a lot with anxiety, followed by the flu and then a respiratory infection.  Really knocking me down from consistent training. Motivation ran low the weeks leading up and I just wanted to enjoy the trip and become familiar with the race so that I could come back and kick its butt next year.  I am so super glad that I went.  I am glad that I pushed through for that sub 3 hour, even though I missed it.  I found a way to let go of a lot of the anxiety and enjoyed the race immensely.  I walked away with a smile.  I couldn’t ask for more.

Now to take those lessons and apply to my next cycle. To stay focused on all the things that went right and let go of things that were out of my control.  I haven’t lost sight of my big goal, qualifying for the trials. I am just taking the scenic route.  My one disappointment is not grabbing a race day photo with my dad.

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Book Review- How Bad Do You Want It?: Mastering the Psychology of Mind over Muscle by Matt Fitzgerald #Allaboutrunning Wednesday Blog Link up

Another Book review! Ha ha, my #allaboutrunning link ups have had a lot of book reviews recently, but I can’t help it.  Right now, I feel like a sponge and I have been a bit obsessed with reading running content.  With my own illness, and now my daughter is sick.  I have also had a bit more down time to read.

Us kcpbounty 300x250 1. v350990572

Product details

How Bad Do You Want it? Mastering the Psychology of Mind of Muscle 

  • Paperback: 272 pages
  • Publisher: VeloPress; 1 edition (October 15, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1937715418
  • ISBN-13: 978-1937715410

I actually acquired this book as an audio book. Something new to me.  I wasn’t sure if I would like it, however this was the perfect style of book for an audio book. The timing of me reading this book was absolutely perfect, as well.  Maybe that is why I was drawn to it? The message was great and overall the content was limited.

The book starts out bouncing back and forth between personal Matt’s introduction to running and personal struggles with the mental side of running, with the science and theory of endurance sports.   The theory and psychology was interesting, but not overly heavy or deep into the nitty gritty scientific components making this an easy read for most any .

Through this introduction Fitzgerald explains how much of our limitations are driven by our mental strength verse the physical limitations.  Our body self-regulating based on the perception of effort.  That training not only trains our bodies physical limitation it alters the brains perception of effort allowing us to be stronger.  He explains that, for endurance athletes, developing ones mental game is very limited outside of the parameters of training.  That training your mental game needs to happen with in and along side your physical training to get the most out of yourself.

After the introduction, much of the book become individual anecdotal stories of various athletes who manage different types of mental strength and over came different mental barriers for personal success.  I love that Matt Fitzgerald includes a variety of sports in this portion of the book; tri-athletes, cyclist and even rugby players included.  Each story has a unique element and I found them to be very uplifting.  The content in these sections are limited. I don’t want to share individual stories as that would take away from the author and the purpose of reading the book.

This book contains great information highlighting the importance of the psychology of endurance athletes and uplifting stories to go along with that message.  The book however, is not a “how to” on training that key component.  It doesn’t include practical exercises that one could apply to their personal training. He does however, discuss these components in his 80/20 book. (review coming soon!)

Overall I thought this book was well written, the stories matched the message and were very uplifting. This book is great for any level of runner; newbie or elites. Timing wise, this book was just what I needed as I work through some anxiety issues.  I think this book is great for starting a new training cycle and the uplifting stories would be a great message during a taper phase.  I will definitely revisit during my next taper.1062163 us audible sanamd homestead medium rectangle 3 300x250

As I mentioned, this was my first audio book and the way it was written and each chapter being its own mini-story was perfect for this form. It was easy to break between each chapter and restart on my next run.   I think a content heavy book, like Science of Running, would be hard in this format.  Matt Fitzgerald book, however was great.

I am completing Matt Fitzgeralds 80/20 Training book.  It’s a super fast easy read so I will easily be able to get a follow up post during Thanksgiving break.

I hope you enjoyed my Book Review.  Be sure to check out some of my other Book Reviews!

What running books do you recommend? Do you prefer content or stories more? Comment below!

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Anxiety on the run, breaking the link

A couple of weeks ago I posted about my struggle with anxiety and how it had began to creep into my running (read about it hear).   Hind sight is always 20/20 and when reflecting on the time period leading up to the anxiety attacks I began to have while running, I could see my bodies warning signs.  img_0404

I feel like in a very small amount of time I have made a huge amount in personal growth in overcoming the panic attacks.  The key was breaking the link between running and anxiety.  Oddly enough, actual stress inducing events are not the cause for most of my anxiety issues.  Its the fear of my own anxiety that seems to send me spiraling out of control.

So once a small amount of anxiety began to creep into my running, every time I began a new run it would trigger my anxiety.  Each time producing a larger reaction until my worst panic attack, which I wrote about previously. I knew I couldn’t continue this process and enjoy running. So I had decided to step back before I could move forward.  I received so many amazing responses, DMs and emails of others who connected with my struggles with anxieties. This  made me feel so much stronger and less isolated.

Shortly after my post I had the Good Life Halfsy race, which turned into a tour of Lincolns finest porta-potties.  The anxiety wasn’t going away that quickly.  I came home a tad deflated but also a bit relieved.  I know its weird, but not racing well took some pressure off of me for this training cycle. I was ready to move into unstructured base training and off season fun.

I ended up getting the flu shortly after.  Laid up on the couch for a week.  While recovering I ended up with an upper respiratory infection which didn’t completely lay me out but did make running nearly impossible without the need of an inhaler.  The silver lining to this was a forced break.  This gave me even more reason to listen to my body and back off on any structured running. Easing into things as I felt like it.

Having fun at KC Group run!

This past week was a huge break through for me in dissociating  running and anxiety.  I recognized my bodies need for rest and recovery.  I was very mindful in running with friends and joining group runs while also adding in other cross training actives based solely on what sounded most interesting.

You can read about my weekly recap here

My plan is to continue with this plan though CIM.  I will run California international for fun and less for time.  I hope to cheer on my awesome friends who have big time goals and my father who is completing is first marathon.  While also spending some time with the hubby child free.

I am not letting go of my goals. I will maintain my fitness and come out stronger.  I haven’t set up a specific follow up goal race or start date for training. Right now I am focusing first on having fun and when my base becomes to grow I will look into a new goal race and the new journey I will take to get there.

I hope you enjoy my content, please comment like and subscribe for more!

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RunCanvas weekly wrap up – November 12th-18th

It’s been a while since I have done a weekly wrap up, but I miss these simple posts and it honestly adds a bit of accountability for myself.  After a round of the flu, followed by an upper respiratory infection. This week I was finally feeling like myself again.  I decided to start slow and focus not only on running but also on all the other little things that support a quality running base.  

Honestly, I am completing things based a lot more on interest and my mood at this point and will wait to add structure to my workouts late December or January.  Ironically, I always end up with pretty solid workout and my mileage usually climbs fairly easily when I just run and workout based on feel 

Here was what my week looked like

  • Monday 6 miles @ 7:19 pace + lower body/glute exercises
    • I had planned on 4 miles but ended up with 6 as I started a new audio book (How Bad Do You Want It? By Matt Fitzgerald) and I wanted to complete one more chapter.img_0808
    • After the run I complete a few simple exercises; calf raises, butt bridges, plank lifts, lunges, squats and donkey kicks.  I had intended to take a few insta-worthy pics but I get self conscious when others are at the gym.


  • Tuesday- 6.02 miles @ 7:37 +strides+abs
    • Grabbed some easy miles with my teammate and co-worker.  It is a cooler day but once we got running it was pretty darn nice.  After the run I did 4 x 10 second strides to get a little bit of turn over.  My plan is to be more consistent with these and build on them as the winter goes on.
    • After I went back home, my daughter joined me for a short core workout on the stability ball.  She loves joining me for my at home workout activities and I love showing her how much fun an active lifestyle can be.

5 big ticket gift ideas for your favorite runner

  • Wednesday- 6 miles @ 7:14 pace +squat session
    • Joined KC Running Company group run for a stride workout/run.  Pretty easy gong evening and group.  We did 6 miles and every half mile we through in a 60 a second surge.
    • After the run Caleb led us in a fun squat session to the song “Relax.”

Book Review-The Science of Running:…

  • Thursday- 5.68 miles @ 7:50
    • I thought I was going to be running solo today but luckily a friend messaged us that afternoon looking for some company and I jumped at the chance. We got in a really chill run on a trail by my house.  We ran by time and got in 45 minutes. When I am base building I like to run a lot more by time verse distance and will probably continue that a lot more through this next training cycle.
    • After my run I got in another core stability workout with my mini workout out partner.  I was feeling lazy but she begged me, and I was pretty glad she did.
  • Friday- Scheduled Rest Day
    • Did a random Yoga for Runners video I found on YouTube. My kiddo started with me but I think the slower movement in yoga leaves her bored. She wandered off about half what through the 15 minutes video.

Running tips for winter weather

  • Saturday- 15.90 miles @ 8:05 +Insanity
    • I kind of, sort of hosted a group run with a local running crew called RUNbelievable.  I just really wanted to start building a consistent group run through the winter that catered to a large variety of runners and differences.  This group was started with that idea and use to host great group runs and tons of runners would join.  I am hoping consistency and continued promotion will allow that group to grow to that again.  Thanks for those who joined us this weekend.
    • After the group run, my daughter wanted to do a workout video with me.  We busted out our old Insanity video and did the Cardio Power and resistance workout. I was surprised, for a lengthy video and workout, she stuck with it.  She of course, added her own spin and it was adorable.   I was quite sore after.


  • Sunday 12.13 @ 7:22
    • I joined some local speedsters for some easy miles on Sunday. I was feeling a bit tired though and decided to pull back the pace on the second half, my run buddy Ben.  It was fun chatting with a couple ladies that will be heading to CIM and racing shortly.


The temperatures were definitely lower than average this week but overall it was pretty solid running weather.  I think the limited wind kept it pretty enjoyable.

Looking forward to-  This week I am looking forward to family coming in town and some time away from work.  The weather also looks like it will be a tad warmer and closer to average for this time of year.  Lots of miles with friends! Plus I picked up another book at the library that I can’t wait to dig into!img_0869

What are you looking forward to this week? Any big holiday plans?

Thank you so much for reading! Please comment, like and subscribe for more!!

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5 big ticket gift ideas for your favorite runner- Count Down to Christmas- RunCanvas Favorites and Holiday shopping ideas

Last week I did a post Count Down to Christmas- RunCanvas Favorites and Holiday shopping ideas for your runner- Accessories .

I am continuing with that Christmas theme and sharing my 5 favorite big ticket Christmas ideas for runners. I like to get a head start on my holiday shopping.  I don’t want to wait for all the crazies to come out and have to fight through the masses to complete my holiday shopping list. Who are we kidding, I have also been creating my personal Christmas wish list for some time now .  I will have a weekly post focusing on RunCanvas favorites to help you get some ideas for yourself or a runner in your life.

  1. Garmin Watch–  A new GPS watch is a great way to get your favorite runner motivated.  There is a huge variety of watches so if you are looking into getting one, make sure you have an idea of the needs for your particular runner. Obviously, the more expensive watch usually comes with more bells and whistle but you may be paying for features you don’t really need.  Here are a few ideas to help you narrow your selection
      • Garmin Forerunner 35-   Basic Garmin watch, this watch has a smaller face but still easy to read all of the data needed.  Not as many bells and whistles, however it has everything even a competitive runner really needs.  Probably my favorite model and the one I am putting on my personal list
  •  Garmin Forerunner 235–  Step up from the 35. This watch has a larger face a few more features. If you have a runner who likes to cross train, this watch may be a great option.  Additional add on for biking and swimming available in bundles as well.
  • Garmin Vivo Active- This is a great running watch that can double as a fitbit/step counter.  With all of the major functionality of a running watch but also tracking of a life style watch.  Get your text messages, calls and notifications on the go.
  1. Air Relax recovery system- I got one of these last year for my birthday and I stinking love it.  I use it constantly and it is well worth the price.  There are other brands, like Normatec. However, I don’t feel like the quality of product or features justifies the huge price difference.

  1. Shoes, Shoes and more shoes-  Running shoes can come in all kinds of price ranges. The price for shoes seems to be climbing.  If you have a runner in your life, you need to head to your fave local running shop and put at least one pair under the tree! If you are in the KC area you need to stop by KC Running Company for your shoe and racing gift ideas!
  2. img_0727
  3. Caleb leading the Wednesday night crew in some simple strength training. Join us every Wednesday for a fun and structured speed workout.
  4. Wireless headphones–  If your runner likes to jam out while getting their run in, getting some quality wireless headphones are a great idea. I have the Apple Airpods and they are awesome. The do not budge when I am working out the the case holds an additional 24 hour charge so you don’t have to worry about charging it between runs.  Obviously, it is your best option if you have other Apple products to pair it with.
  5. Treadmill –  Although I am not a huge fan of treadmills, I wish I had one to make balancing my work, family and training life a tad easier at times.  There are so many features and price ranges for a treadmill. You really need to know what your runners needs are before shopping.

What big ticket items are you hoping to see under your Christmas Tree? Comment below!

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Book Review-The Science of Running: How to find your limit and train to maximize your personal performance #allaboutrunning Wednesday Blog Link up!

This post is a part of my #allaboutrunning blog link up.  If you have a running blog, check out the link and join in! 

Running Book Reviews and Recommendations- #allaboutrunning Wednesday Blog Link up

The Science of Running: How to find your limit and train to maximize your personal performance

© Copyright – 2014 – Athletics Illustrated

Author: Steve Magness

ISBN: 978-0615-94294-0

I purchased this book on Amazon. If you use my link I do receive a small compensation. This review was written purely out of interest in the content recommended by another coaching friend. I am in no way affiliated with Steve Magness or any entities tied to this book.

The Science of Runners is written by Steve Magness.  As coach Steve Magness has coached at multiple division 1 school along with working with a handful of professional runners.  Steve Magness worked alongside Alberto Salzaar for a while on the Nike Project as well.  Steve completed his Master degree in Exercise science and has an in depth understanding of the scientific principal of exercising training. You can tell quickly in his book.

Overall this is a content rich book that does take some understanding of the physiological factors of training.  A foundation of biology and chemistry concepts will make reading this book more user friendly.  This book goes more in-depth than the average running book.  Many authors of running content fairly surface level to appeal to a larger audience of readers, Steve goes much more in depth which has some postie and negative.  The book is content rich and references a lot of scientific principals and studies.  However the content can be very dry and read very text book like. Especially the first half.  If you are looking for an easy how-to book for running this probably isn’t what you are looking for.  Magness recognizes that from the start.

The book is separated into two parts.  The first part focusing on the scientific principals while the second part focuses more on a training plan.

Part 1 is the portion that gets into the nitty gritty of science content.  Steve does a great job referencing the limitations of our scientific understandings. He takes a moment to recognize the unknown and every changing limitation to our understandings.  This can cause a disconnect between scientific principals and training practices that are most successful.  Part one contains 13 chapters covering large concepts like gross motors functions all the way down to the microscopic adaptation that occur during training.  Also covering important mental components that occur during racing and that can be training during workouts. Each chapter goes pretty in-depth into the content.

Part 2 is a bit more user friendly for an average runner.  He lays out his plans and how to apply the principal to training.  However, I would say many of these concepts would still be best fit for a runner with a solid training and racing back ground.  With 22 chapters total and the final chapter are all dedicated to application of how to train with physiological factors in mind.

I did a post on Jack Daniels Running Formula and there are some definite similarities but also some key differences.  I believe Jack Daniels book offers more for a variety of abilities.  Jack Daniels plans are also more easy to follow as laid out in his book.  However Magness does a great job of the limitation of training in zones, such as Daniels plans.  Magness looks at the physiological factors as functioning much more on a spectrum.  While Daniels looks at applying limited stress to a specific physiological factor.  Also, Daniels puts a lot of emphasis as VO2 max, while Magness spends a portion of his book arguing against the specific emphasis.

I enjoyed the book overall and look forward to rereading so that I can further absorb some of the more in depth physiological information laid out in the first section. I would recommend this book for science-running nerds, competitive runners and coaches mostly.  While I think it could be a bit content rich and dry for someone looking to read and support more of a casual hobby.

Disclosure; Runcanvas is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites

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