RunCanvas Ready Made Training Plans!

Great for beginners to advanced! RunCanvas offers multiple options for each race distances.  Periodized run training plans based on the foundations of legendary coach Jack Daniels. This comprehensive plan goes beyond running to include; dynamic warm ups, running form drills, and no weights strength training. Runner assessment done either via email (most common and usually… Continue reading RunCanvas Ready Made Training Plans!


Hard working runners, who could accidentally be sabotaging their run training.

Training for a goal race requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and some sacrifice.  Most runners working toward a goal have great intentions, every time they set out to complete a run or workout.  However, there are times when the things they are doing can actually be more harm that good. Below are a… Continue reading Hard working runners, who could accidentally be sabotaging their run training.


What is the purpose of your run today?

Are you working toward a new distance or a time goal? If you are, you need to think about this title question every day, before you head out the door.  What is the purpose of this run?  When you are training, you are applying a stimulus or stress to the body.  That stress will hopefully… Continue reading What is the purpose of your run today?

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The Week of Slow

Working with a variety of running clients, including many runners who feel the need to run their easy runs in the moderate zone. Limiting their ability to safely build mileage and make adequate gains following their quality sessions. The challenge?  The individual runs feels fine, but the athlete is slowly building fatigue and not recovering from… Continue reading The Week of Slow

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Slow Down! Running Your Easy Run, Easier.

Every run has a purpose. Many runners, especially new runners, are under the impression that in order to get faster, they must run all of their runs faster. This, very simply put, is not true and can quickly become counterproductive. Your easy run is a key building block for endurance races, but only if done correctly.

Product Review

Food Groove Mission- Product Review

I was super excited to receive 10 pouches of Food Groove Mission Super bites, an all natural snacks packed with a healthy punch, great for both before and after your run. There are three flavors.; Mother Earth: A wholesome combination of unique berries, seeds and nuts. Holy Truffle Punch!: A pure spark of dark chocolate.… Continue reading Food Groove Mission- Product Review

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20 weeks until…. Grandma’s Marathon

I have been a bit quiet as I flip flopped on what I want my spring racing and training to look like.  Overall, there are a lot of super awesome spring races but my time gets super limited when track season with my high school team starts.  I have finally narrowed it down to two… Continue reading 20 weeks until…. Grandma’s Marathon


RunCanvas Customized Coaching Packages

Customized training plans are built just for you! This is done through a one time consultation.  The certified coach creates a unique training plan based on your individual history, schedule and needs and then uploads it into the app.  From there, you complete the workouts and modify on your own.   This is a great budget… Continue reading RunCanvas Customized Coaching Packages


One-on-one Coaching options

This is a list of the One-on-one packages RunCanvas Coaching offers.  If you would prefer the customized training plans check out this page! Work one-on-one with a certified coach! Prescribed workouts will be uploaded into the VDOT App every 1-2 weeks and consistently updated based on your progress and feedback.  Tailored to your personal needs… Continue reading One-on-one Coaching options