#AllAboutRunning -Wednesday Blog Link up

Blog link ups can be a great way to grow traffic to your sight, connect with other bloggers in your niche and grow your readership.  Interested in joining?

In order to join you will connect with the “party host,” in this case that would be me.  I will post a link up each Wednesday.  Other bloggers can connect by leaving a comment and link. The more interesting your comments, posts and images the more traffic will be drawn to your page.  Frequently interacting with other pages in the link up and sharing on social media will also build readership.  The link ups work best when you go beyond the minimum.

Blog link ups can be great for both the bloggers and readers looking to follow a certain niche. However, they only work when the rules are followed. Please read the rules below and comment if you have any questions.

  • Your blog post MUST be running content only.  informative blog posts for readers seeking to learn more about running.  Please do not post weekly recaps or race reports here.  This should be content driven.  There are many great link ups for other kinds of post.
  • Comment on the Host Link up.  This is how you connect and get your blog post in the link up. Drop a direct link to the blog post you wish to share along with your comments!
  • Be curtious. Mention the link up and link back to the host link up. You can also include the link up badge.  This will help drive readers and bloggers to your page and others.   Creating a community and enhancing your blogging experience.
  • Comment on AT LEAST on bloggers post! Make a connection with other bloggers.  This is a minimum.  The more you engage with other bloggers the more you can broaden you audience.  People are more likely to follow/read from other pages whose authors leave quality and thoughtful comments.
  • Failure to follow the rules, will have you removed from the Blog link up.
  • Content must be less that a week old. New posts are the best as they will drive the most traffic.Capture

Link ups will go up 4pm on Wednesday afternoon (Central Standard Time)

Want to get the most from you link ups? The more you put in the more you will get out of link up parties. Here are some great ways to get more from link ups.

  • Thoughtfully interact with as many link up bloggers as you can.  Seeing thoughtful engagement will make readers want to check you out. Don’t be spammy! Your comments should be geared toward the bloggers content. You may link back to your page only when leaving quality content.  Many pages will allow you to log in and leave your link.
  • Share the party on social media! Exposure is huge in the blogging world and getting more exposure to your page and the link up will help everyone involved.
  • If you see a blog post with great content, share it!  This gives your page a great knowledge base and builds readers.  This also is also a great way to share and build camaraderie among bloggers
  • Include quality images, grab readers attention!
  • Follow the host and other bloggers on social media. Again, this should help build exposure for you page and allow you to engage with our community more.
  • Post early and post often.  Becoming a part of the party early gives you post the maximum amount of exposure.  Returning to engage with other readers and bloggers will continue to broaden your audience.
  • Come back! Sure you will get some exposure from posting once.  Blog link ups is about connecting with the community.  Build relationships with other bloggers and be seen by readers.  While one post may not catch a reader’s eye, the next one might!

Coming up

I am excited to host this new link up. In order to give back to the bloggers who participate I will be going above and beyond as a host. This to look forward too

  • Featured blog post. I’ll be looking through bloggers who participate and sharing links to featured bloggers on my page and social media outlets. A badge can be included on your featured posts.  This will be done every week that has at least 20 participants.
  • Re-post/share quality content on social media.  I will try to do this at last once a day.  My readers are looking for quality content and it doesn’t just include from my page.
  • Guest blogger opportunities.  I get busy, and want to include quality content to my readers. Being a guest blogger can fil a void for my page while increasing traffic back to your blog.  Its a win win!
  • More! I am open to ideas

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