WELCOME TO RunCanvas Coaching!

What we offer, customized training plans for ALL runners. Mile to Marathon

RunCanvas Coaching is seeking passionate runners of ALL ABILITIES. Who are committed to challenging their mind body and spirit though the gift of running. Runners who are willing to engage in frequent two-way open communication in an effort to partner with a qualified coach that will build a custom plan, then guide you through the entire training cycle.

VDot certified!

Package options

Ready Made Plans $35/ per plan 

RunCanvas Ready Made Plans


Affordable training plans (templates) set up in the VDOT App based on your current fitness.  Best practices, based on the coaching foundation of Jack Daniels utilized to create comprehensive training plans.  All training paces are based on an athletes current fitness level.

Training plans include comprehensive run training.  Strength training routine. Dynamic stretches to be completed before runs and running form drills to help prevent injuries.

Beginner, intermediate and advanced options available. Check out the Ready Made Plans page to select a plan just right for you!

Customized training Plans- $75

Customized Training Plans


Completely personalized training plan just for you! As these plans are 100% customized to meet the individual runners needs, the duration of the plan is flexible up to 24 weeks.

Self-motivation and individual commitment are required for this plan, as there is no additional communication available after the plan is uploaded to the athlete’s VDOT O2 calendar. A Weekly follow up email is optional and great for athletes who have questions about the structure or function of their training. This can also be helpful if navigating injury or other issues that come during training.

One-on-One Online Coaching

Full Service coaching proved through the VDOT training app.  The process will start with an initial consultation getting a complete background of the athlete.  The athletes can upload scheduling needs directly into the VDOT app to keep the coach updated throughout the process.

Workouts will be uploaded 1-2 weeks in advanced and will be based on your currently fitness and modified as you complete prior workouts and leave feedback. This plan is the most comprehensive and allows daily communication via email and within the app.

Prices start as low as $50/month up to $60/month when purchased in pre-paid blocks.  If an athletes prefers to pay month to month then they can purchase a subscription through the VDOT  Marketplace.



Refund Policy

We don’t offer refunds but clients can choose to pay month-by-month through the VDOT market place. There is a discount for clients who commit for 4 months or longer.

However, if you get an injury and need one month or more off from coaching then we can pause all coaching and correspondence and you can restart again when you wish, up to one year later.

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