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While it might seem counterintuitive to be a running coach and offer free training plans. I believe that offering these programs will help a large group of runners, who are looking to get started or improve on their current running abilities but are not yet ready to invest in a running coach.

I believe a customized training plan is the best way for runners to increase mileage safely and reach their full potential. However, not everyone is looking for the services of a running coach. I want to provide these plans as a valuable resource for someone who is looking for a guide to getting started.

If you are someone who finds yourself having a bit of success and want to take your training a step further, be sure to check out our customized training plans and coaching packages available on the VDOT marketplace.

This will be a growing list of programs available that I will add to as they are completed.

5k Rising Start Plan

The goal of this schedule is to build you up, so that you can successfully complete a 5k. This is an 8 week plan that includes a combination of running and walking that increases in volume and duration of running as you move through the training plan.

This plan would be best paired with some introductory strength training and form drills to help you develop into a more comprehensive and injury resilient runner.

5k Shooting Star Plan

The shooting star plan is another beginner level training plan that starts with short run distances and builds up to a 5k. This plan would be great option to complete after the rising start training plan or for those who are a little more active and can run a mile or more without walking.

This plan would also work best when paired with some introductory strength training and form drills to help you develop into a more comprehensive and injury resilient runner.

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Ready to take your training even further? These training plans are a great starting point but one size fits all training is very limited. Consider trying out one of RunCanvas’ custom training plans or Online Coaching Programs.

VDot certified!

 I am a VDot  Certified coach with over 12 years of coaching experience! I have worked with young beginners in the middle school level, high school athletes who have gone on to compete at national Division I championships. I have designed plans for runners who are just starting, reaching for new distances, have the dream to run a Boston Qualifier and earn a spot at the Marathon Olympic trials.

Completely customized plans that are developed at your current fitness level to get you to your goals.   For more information click here

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