RunCanvas Customized Coaching Packages

Customized training plans are built just for you!

This is done through a one time consultation.  The certified coach creates a unique training plan based on your individual history, schedule and needs and then uploads it into the app.  From there, you complete the workouts and modify on your own.   This is a great budget friendly option, that allows motivated runners the chance to work with certified coaches without the daily/weekly check-ins and modifications.

Customized Plans can vary in length, depending on the fitness level and current needs of the individual runner. Maximum length of a single customized plan is 24 weeks, which includes a base building period.

Self-motivation and individual commitment are required for this plan. A weekly follow up email is optional for athletes who have questions about the structure or function of their training. This can also be helpful if navigating injury or other issues that come during training.


Customized Training Plans





If you have questions feel feel to contact me.






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