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Food Groove Mission- Product Review

I was super excited to receive 10 pouches of Food Groove Mission Super bites, an all natural snacks packed with a healthy punch, great for both before and after your run. There are three flavors.; Mother Earth: A wholesome combination of unique berries, seeds and nuts. Holy Truffle Punch!: A pure spark of dark chocolate.… Continue reading Food Groove Mission- Product Review

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20 weeks until…. Grandma’s Marathon

I have been a bit quiet as I flip flopped on what I want my spring racing and training to look like.  Overall, there are a lot of super awesome spring races but my time gets super limited when track season with my high school team starts.  I have finally narrowed it down to two… Continue reading 20 weeks until…. Grandma’s Marathon


RunCanvas Customized Coaching Packages

RunCanvas offers a wide variety of package options to meet the needs of all runners and abilities.  This is a list of customized training packages that are offered. Customized training plans are built just for you, this is done through a one time consultation.  The certified coach creates a unique training plan based on your… Continue reading RunCanvas Customized Coaching Packages


RunCanvas Private Coaching options

RunCanvas offers both in-person and online private coaching packages.  These are  ongoing coaching programs where the athletes works one-on-one with a certified coach throughout the entire training cycle.  Customized training will be built and adapted for the athlete through the entire training cycle. This is a more collaborative and intense coaching process then the customized… Continue reading RunCanvas Private Coaching options


My 2019 Running Resolutions

Happy New Year! The world seems divided into two types of people.  Those who love New Years resolutions, and those who think they are dumb.  Well I am a total optimist and I love the clean slate and hopeful attitude that surrounds New Year and resolutions. 2018 was great, it was full of ups and… Continue reading My 2019 Running Resolutions

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Why YOU should become a runner 2019

Running is awesome! I am sure it is no surprise, to anyone that I meet, that I think running is pretty great.  I am not the only one, however. Running is growing in popularity, it is definitely having a moment.  There is a reason why, running really is for everyone Why everyone should become a… Continue reading Why YOU should become a runner 2019